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So how does it work?
Our highly secure system will guide you through the injury management process and is very quick to deploy and easy to learn. injuryConnect will give you complete visibility of all of your workplace injuries and workers compensation claims in one easily accessible and centralised electronic system. Our comprehensive suite of reporting and analysis tools are customisable so you can generate standard and ad-hoc reports to get the latest information with ease with exports to PDF, Excel and Word.

Who are our clients?

injuryConnect is used by some of Australia's largest companies including McDonald's, Bunning's and Kmart as well as companies across a wide range of industries including government, health care, aged care, transport, construction and mining. The system is used by both self-insurers and those under insurer schemes in all states of Australia. Our pre-populated forms, automated alerts and automatic generation of RTW Plans will save you a lot of time so you can spend less time managing the paperwork and more time managing the injured worker.

How secure is the system?
As we hold a lot of private and sensitive information, security is our number one priority. We employ defence in depth to ensure our system is as secure as possible while also aiming to ensure a very fast system with a high level of availability. All data is held in Australia and our data centres have high levels of physical security, CCTV, secure server cabinets and are manned facilities with biometric access. We use SSL on our system to ensure all traffic is encrypted and also encrypt personally identifiable at rest. Our web server is separated from our database server using a DMZ and we use server hardening, port blocking, a physical firewall and have installed an intrusion detection system to protect our system and your data. We engage an independent third party to conduct regular penetration testing on our system to ensure ongoing security. privacy policy contact us ©2017 Injury Connect Pty Ltd