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Injury Connect Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company that has designed and developed the injuryConnect system to fill a gap in the market. The system has been developed to allow organisations to more effectively and efficiently manage their workplace injuries, workers' compensation claims, return to work processes and payroll reimbursements, replacing current systems consisting of large paper based files and Excel spreadsheets.

We have staff around Australia to support our clients and we continue to grow as our client base expands. We are firmly committed to providing injury management staff with the tools they need to provide best practice injury management to their organisation in a standarised, repeatable and sustainable manner.
Additionally, our system continues to develop in line with changes to relevant legislation but also in response to great ideas from our existing user group to ensure the system remains a simple and effective tool for all involved in the injury management process. privacy policy contact us ©2018 Injury Connect Pty Ltd