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injuryConnect is a new online injury management system which has been designed to significantly improve the way organisations deal with workplace injuries, workers compensation claims, return to work process and payroll reimbursements. The online system is highly secure and provides a centralised database to deliver simplified real-time capture, viewing, tracking, management and reporting of your workplace injuries and workers compensation claims.

Secure, online access to the system from anywhere, anytime!

The injuryConnect system is a hosted solution which means that all you need to access the system is an Internet connection and web browser. This is great for companies with multiple sites or injury management staff who are required to travel to and from various sites. The system uses the same level of encryption as the major banks to ensure that your data is kept secure while our servers are hosted in Australia and backed up daily to ensure the security and integrity of your claims information.

A single, centralised repository for all of your claims information!

An unlimited amount of documents can be uploaded to the system so you can store all of your information in the one place resulting in a paperless centralised repository of all of your claim information. Documents such as Claim Forms, Employer Claim Reports, Incident Reports and Case Notes can be stored in the system. Key document details are entered into the system, with full copies of the original scanned into the system, so you have ready access to information about any document and one click access to the original copy.

Improved visibility of all injuries and claims for your whole team!

Enable yourself and your team to have live visibility of all injuries and claims - wherever you are - 24/7. Instantly see all open injuries and claims and access key details with a single click. Quickly and easily find any claim related document in seconds, even if the claim is years old. You have the power to access all information quickly or control who has access to which claims.

Automated alerts to identify issues early in the process!

The system automatically generates alerts so you can identify potential issues before they become problematic. The system alerts the user to a number of issues which include, but are not limited to, expired Medical Certificates, expired Return to Work Plans and legislative requirements such as the submission of key documents or notification to WorkSafe / WorkCover authorities of serious injuries.

Generate standard and ad-hoc live reports from the system and export to various formats!

Many automated live reports are available within the injuryConnect system so you can quickly and easily monitor progress and performance. Reports include your company’s logos, can be filtered to create ad-hoc reports and can be exported to PDF, Excel or Word as required. Real-time overview reports are available as well as historical reports, long term trends and categorisation reports looking at the frequency of injuries by categories such as Bodily Location or Mechanism of Injury, which can support prevention programs.

Faster generation of Return to Work Plans using a standarised process!

Return to Work Plans can be generated by the system based on the current Medical Certificate to ensure you have a suitable and compliant Return to Work Plan every time. The RTW Plan will be in a format standardised across your whole organisation. The Plans take less than five minutes to generate and information can be drawn from an Alternate Duties database aiding the Return to Work Coordinator in selecting suitable duties.

Simple capture of claim notes to track all events and correspondence!

Claim notes can be typed quickly and easily into the system or they can even be sent in via email. All of your claim notes will be stored electronically and centrally so you or anyone who has access can quickly review a claim. It makes it much easier to produce information for claim review meetings and if you are on leave, then others can easily cover your claims.

Manage workplace injuries, workers' compensation claim and non-workplace injuries!

The injuryConnect system enables companies to capture, track and manage all types of injuries. Whilst the system is predominantly used for Workers' Compensation claims, it can also be used to capture information on workplace injuries. This includes those that may later turn into a Workers' Compensation claim, first aid injuries or other injuries that are covered under alternate insurance policies, such as Income Protection Insurance.

Automated payroll reimbursement calculations and tracking!

injuryConnect helps users to calculate, create and manage payroll reimbursements. The system helps the user calculate the payroll reimbursement based on the factors and calculations for the relevant legislation. The system can also be used to generate reimbursement forms and track the recovery of reimbursements from the Insurer. Additionally, alerts will tell the user when certain thresholds have been met, entitlements weeks have passed or when allowances or make-up pay is to cease.

Integration with your existing Email and Calendar to streamline processes!

The system is integrated with your email system so you can quickly and easily send Claim Notes, Correspondence or attachments straight from your Inbox into the system. The process is automatic and seamless saving you a lot of time. Correspondence from any party can be forwarded to injuryConnect to store an accurate history of the injury. Additionally, calendar events in the system can be sent to Outlook to synchronise your Calendar.

Pre-populated claims forms to save heaps of time!

Return to Work Coordinators are able to complete all of their required forms online. The forms are pre-populated with commonly used information such as the Employer Details, Injured Employee Details and Policy Details so the RTW Coordinator doesn't have to write out the same information over and over again. They can also upload scanned copies of all forms to all key information is in one place and accessible from anywhere on the web.

Automated emails to keep you and your team on the same page!

The injuryConnect system generates automated email alerts to keep you and your team in the loop when new injuries are added to the system or when key forms are entered by others. This enables you to immediately take the next step in the process, reducing time lags and speeding up the process. It also improves communication between team members no matter where they are based. privacy policy contact us ©2018 Injury Connect Pty Ltd