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In order to help you answer some of the questions regarding injuryConnect that may come to you after you have been introduced to the system, we have developed a list of frequently asked questions, which have been raised often in the past.

However, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email at

How secure is the injuryConnect system?
The injuryConnect system holds very sensitive information so security is our top priority. We use many layers of security to ensure your data is protected including physical access controls at our data centre, firewalls and a virtual private network protecting the server, the highest level of SSL (with green address bar as you would have seen with internet banking), individual usernames, encrypted passwords, access logs and external independent security testing.
What IT infrastructure and support requirements are there?
As a standalone web application, the injuryConnect system has no dependency on your internal technology systems, nor does it require any development or support from internal IT functions, making it simple, easy and fast for your business to implement. Your staff simply require a computer with a web browser (such as a free version of Internet Explorer) and an internet connection. Updates are seamless as they are updated on our servers outside of working hours.
How long does it take for a company to be set-up on the system?
Once a company has indicated that they would like to sign up with injuryConnect, we can immediately arrange company set-up and training on the system, which is usually completed within 1 week, depending on your availability.
What training is required for the system?
Training for injury management staff is included in the annual license fee and is usually arranged to be undertaken at your workplace within 1 week of sign up. Training usually takes 1-2 hours and includes setting up your company details and submitting claim information for your most recent claim, so users are well aware of all functionality of the system. New users are also supplied with a Quick Start Guide, can access online help and have unlimited access to our email support line.
How many users can I have for my organisation?
The injuryConnect system does not limit the number of users that an organisation would like to use the system. User access levels can also be set to limit the information which may be viewed by each individual user.
How many claims and documents can I upload to the system?
The injuryConnect system allows you for an unlimited number of claims and document uploads, which are all included in your annual license fee. You know the price for the year upfront and will not be required to pay anymore, even if you are having a bad year.
Does the system allow for organisation’s operating in multiple states or internationally?
Absolutely! The injuryConnect system has been built to abide by each state’s differing legislation and will walk to the user through the appropriate process for each injury. National managers can also be set up with access to a National homepage allowing for complete visibility of all claims nationally in one screen. A generic version of the system can also be used in other countries.
What happens if legislation changes and new forms are required to be completed?
The injuryConnect team aims to stay on top of all legislative changes across all states and update these requirements in the system as soon as they become available. For example when the 2B (Workers Claim Form) changed in WA last year, it was immediately available for use in the system. All these changes will be automatic and again all included in your annual license fee.
What are the support processes for users?
Depending on what state you are located in, one of the injuryConnect team will come out to complete initial training and set-up with you. Following on from this, you will be provided with their email and mobile phone numbers for any ongoing queries that you may have, especially in the initial weeks. We usually follow up the initial training with another refresher session at 4-6 weeks then we are able to set up further follow-ups as you see fit. We also have a technical support email address who will respond to any requests you may have within 24 hours.
Does the injuryConnect system allow for the tracking of injuries, as well as claims?
Yes. The injuryConnect system does allow for the tracking of injuries and compilation of an injury register, which is a requirement of the Victorian legislation. This allows for all injuries to be monitored, with the ability to add notes, incident reports, accounts or any other relevant information against these injuries. Then if they later become claims, you can simply move them into the Open Claims section.
How much does the system cost?
The system is sold as an annual license. Your investment is based on the number of employees and your current Workers Compensation Premium. We can easily provide you with a quote by providing us with these details. The annual license includes unlimited claims, unlimited users, training, support, legislative updates and functionality upgrades.
How will the system save me money?
The system provides a highly efficient and effective way to manage your Workers' Compensation and has been designed specifically to eliminate the biggest cost drivers in Workers' Compensation. In addition to reducing claims costs, injuryConnect provides an efficient and highly automated system to ensure more time is spent managing the injured worker and less time managing the paperwork.
How long as injuryConnect been operating and do you have any large clients?
Injury Connect Pty Ltd has been in operation since 2009. Our client list comprises of organisations large and small across a variety of industries, which include McDonalds, Bunnings, Kmart, Ramsay Healthcare, Sonic Healthcare, NSW Ambulance, Metcash, Veolia and many more.
How can I get more information or see a demonstration of the system?
For more information on the injuryConnect system or to view a short video on the functionality, check out our website at Additionally the injuryConnect team are always happy to demonstrate the system to anyone who is interested in improving their claims management processes. We can come out to your workplace and provide you with individual demonstration of the injuryConnect system at a time suitable to you, which will allow you to ask questions specific to your organisation. Simply email with your details and one of our team will contact you to arrange a demonstration. privacy policy contact us ©2018 Injury Connect Pty Ltd