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injuryConnect is used by a wide variety of Australian companies. From companies with 200 employees up to some of Australia's largest companies, across a wide range of industries including health care, aged care, construction, mining, government, emergency services, retail and transport. We work with companies under the registered schemes in all States including Seafarers, with companies that are self-insured including Comcare and companies that are based in Australia but have operations overseas. Clients use our system to manage workplace injuries and workers compensation claims but also to manage non-work injuries, early intervention cases and income protection claims. References are available on request and some of our testimonials are below.

injuryConnect exceeded our expectations!
We had spent a number of years searching for a user friendly injury management system that would enable us to store all our claims documentation in one location, plus support our rehabilitation program. Pleasingly injuryConnect exceeded our expectations both on system functionality and cost. It must be noted that the customer service is also outstanding. Since rolling out injuryConnect we have been able to move to a paperless system and eliminate the need for paper based files. The key highlights of injuryConnect for us is the traffic light system which helps prioritise daily activities, being able to simultaneously update the system while replying to emails or sending documents and having the ability to access the system from any location. injuryConnect is a fantastic system and I would recommend the system to any organisation that would like to consolidate their workers compensation documentation and move to a more proactive injury management program.
The standout difference is the customer service!
The system is easy to understand and comprehensive in terms of prompting actions required to proactively manage our cases. The time savings are significant with the ability to email case notes directly to the case file, prepopulating information such as RTW plans and the ability to process wages and reimbursements. The system is easier to use and more cost effective than other software programs I have used in the past. The standout difference is the customer service provided by injuryConnect. The responsiveness, willingness to adapt the system to meet the requirements of our business, openness to suggestions for improvements and support with training has been exceptional and really makes injuryConnect the success that it is.
Greatly improved our speed and accuracy!
SESLHD chose injuryConnect as a system that could accommodate the particular complex needs of Health in managing workers compensation weekly payments. injuryConnect has greatly improved our speed and accuracy in processing workers compensation pays. The convenience of secure and comprehensive storage of all documents and data relating to our workers compensation claims has enabled all stakeholders (RTW Coordinators, Workers Compensation Claims Officers and Payroll staff) to instantly share common information about the claim, reducing processing and administration time for all parties. And the alerts system is a great bonus in enabling the team to keep on track with critical timeframes, and plan their work activities more effectively.
We would be happy to recommend injuryConnect to our business networks…
injuryConnect was recommended to us by our Employers Mutual representative, as they manage our Workers Compensation. The manager that implemented the system had completed a due diligence on the business requirements of an injury management system and believed injuryConnect supported the business needs. The main benefit for the system is the alert function, allowing the company to manage the administration of key dates and actions involved in the claims including; expiry of medical certificates, personal notes to files and action points. This is enhanced through the ability of the system to link with Microsoft Outlook. The system is easy to navigate and allows us to manage all of our injury management information in one location supporting the administration, reporting and wage reimbursements processes of our claims. We would be happy to recommend injuryConnect to our business networks, clients and suppliers that were in the market for an injury management system. Further to this, we would like to add the support and maintenance of the system along with the ability to make adjustments to align the business requirements is also an advantage as a user of injuryConnect.
Easy to use and understand!
Kingston City Council chose injuryConnect as it was assessed by our selection committee as by far the easiest to use and to understand. We have been impressed at the consistently high level of customer service provided by the injuryConnect team, particularly around accommodating our needs to ensure a smooth transition from one system to another. This, and the user-friendliness of the software, has generated positive feedback from all levels of the organisation.
More efficient return to work!
We operate nationally, with a workforce in a variety of industries across many hundreds of work sites. injuryConnect has allowed us to centralise our injury and claims management, moving from excel spreadsheets and paper based folders into a modern easy to use system. Internal communication has improved, as have our processes all resulting in faster, more efficient return to work. I would thoroughly recommend injuryConnect to anyone who wishes to improve their injury management and return to work processes.
End to End Management of Workplace Injuries!
UHG identified the need for a more centralised and consistent process for managing our Early Intervention, Medical Advisory and Injury Management services that allowed for more reliable and consistent reporting of case management within a robust database. UHG went to market to source an integrated solution and after a rigorous selection process found the injuryConnect system represented the most practicable solution and best value for money. In the time we have been using the system, the main benefit has been the overall reduction in our administration costs associated with our Early Intervention, Medical Advisory and Injury Management services. I would recommend this system to anyone who is looking for software to assist in the overall management of work place incidents and injuries. The system allows for end to end management of Workplace and WorkCover injuries.
More time to proactively manage return to work
Being able to access our claims information at any time is a huge advantage of the injuryConnect system. With numerous locations and remote sites around Australia, it is great to be able to access any claim document required without having to take the whole case file with me. The central database makes communication and reporting of claims information a lot easier and means more time can be spent proactively managing the return to work of our injured workers. Monthly reporting to our board members is now easy to achieve and the reports have been of great benefit to them.
I would definitely recommend injuryConnect. I love it!
I would most definitely recommend injuryConnect as its so simple and easy to use, providing the employer with the time required to obtain the best possible results from a claim. Allowing us to report and manage ALL of our claims in half the time has already saved the company time and money. I have saved so much time since using the system by not having to re-write employers report forms or return to work plans and submitting new claims to the insurance company is a simple click of the mouse! I have only been using injuryConnect for a few months but my insurance company has already commented on the improved management of all my claims. I love it!
A Complete Injury Management Solution!
We have found injuryConnect to be the most complete injury management solution to track and manage injuries and workers compensation claims on the market. To have all of our claim documents conveniently organised and in one place with any document accessible at the click of the mouse has substantially increased productivity and efficiency throughout the injury management team enabling a professional and organised service to the company whilst reducing workload and burden. privacy policy contact us ©2018 Injury Connect Pty Ltd